Now, I move to offence mode. The system tries to hide me and do everything for my book to be unsuccessful. Why? Because the system looks so +++ stupid. I did absolutely nothing wrong, I should be the one suing them.

I did not write 348 pages over ten years for nothing!

I give my friends a copy of my book in PDF. In exchange, I would appreciate, please, if you could write a review on Amazon and 1 of the 25 sites where my book is available?

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I won't spoil my story, but I'm going to say that I went to the Emergency. I felt super smart because of one pill for my stroke, and they locked me down for 18 days in the Psychiatric unit with the tag of murder. They claim they could not understand me but never admit to it in my face, which to me is not a valid excuse. So I guess it is crazy talk so let say that I'm not the smartest cookie out there!

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From Mountaineer to Stroke Survivor: Never Give Up!: