The big project: 7 years ago, I started to write, " Never give up! From mountaineer to stroke survivor. " Already, I was faced with significant injustices because I'm disabled, but I wanted to change my situation for the best! I wrote, this book, 55 000 words, with only one finger typing. Because I'm not able to read a whole lot, I used a text to speech software. To speed up my typing, I used prediction software. Recently, I found the app Grammarly to fix the issues with my writing. Good thing I have a book because I would behold as crazy!

The cause: I'm not suing Alberta Health Services but blame them for the poor treatment I received recently at the Hospital. For all of us disabled, I'm fighting for respect and better conditions. It does not matter if the disability is cognitive or physical, we are all in the same boat, and it is about time they take us seriously. I hope my initiative will make the whole world realize that we live far from an equal world! During my 13 years of disabled, I have at least 20 incidents related to significant injustice.

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