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My movie is one of a kind. The idea came to me with the ski movie "Attack of la Nina." Search it on YouTube (it is available in integral). The concept is straightforward, 28 songs, 28 life events (demo below). Music is unbelievable, super good with the remix of Linkin Park. The film will be in the place I recollected my journeys. Sorry, but the film will need to travel to Weir Qc, Aconcagua, Ecuador, Mckinley... One track of sound for the French and English. The movie is like it happened. When I speak French, there will be subtitles for the English version and vice versa. The film is mostly shot with a GoPro. Any climber can take the lead; it doesn't need to be competent actors but competent climbers. The movie is from my perspective, so you will not see my face but what I see from my own eyes. It is a unique concept, and that is what will make the movie so good.

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