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If you don't have a Paypal account, you can send me an e-transfer. Use and I will be able to transfer it to the right account, with question = province,  answer = Quebec Thank you, very much, that will help, I can't be still or I will be unhappy! 

Kung Fu

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For close to six years, I take Kung Fu lessons. I'm sash level V. I'm not going to a special class, I share my time with perfectly able bodies. I feel respected and treated like a person without disability. 

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Indefinite Arts

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For close to 8 or 9 years, I take arts classes at Indefinite Arts Center.  Home to Canada's oldest and largest disability arts organization.

Calgary Power Hockey League

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I play now my 7th season. I can play all positions, including goalie, but I have more fun and I'm better at defence. We play from September through April including the play off. 

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For four estival seasons, I practice kayaking! You're wondering how I hold grasp on the paddle? Easy, Gorilla tape. I modified the grip on the paddle to accommodate my right hand so I can adjust the angle the blade hits the water. I'm full equip, including the boat. I had the drive to do the first rapids for a handicapped back in 2017. I found a sport where I won't kill myself!

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