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  • Trick #50: Speaker phone

    Reroute automatic answer to your speaker phone and you will never miss a call. Especially, if you keep the phone always on your lap (see trick #39).

  • Trick #49: Keep a contour sheet in your bed

    Sometime, your blanket is to warm to be able to sleep. Keep a contour sheet in your bed ready at any time. To warm? Take the contour sheet and get your feet and shoulder stuck in the elastic. even if you move during the night, the sheet will always cover you from shoulders to feet. Is also a quick setup even in the dark.

  • Trick #48: Nails

    Buy 400 sandpaper. Get a piece of plywood in the scrap wood of store or your own. Glue the sandpaper on plywood. Put a rag on top of table. Clamp down the end with no sandpaper. Keep always on table and you grind them when you need. I guarantee you won't have nails to long ever again.

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  • Adventure movies

    I'm always looking for new adventure films. They are tough to find. I came up with the idea of making a list of free adventure movies by each sport. The days of looking for hours for the excellent film are over. Click your favourite sport and enjoy many hours of the most exciting scene available for free on the net. MTB page Snow sports page Kayaking page Climbing page Environment page Skateboard Speedriding Aqua sports Wingsuit Flying Dirt Bike Slackline

  • Slackline | never_give_up

    Lines Between Us - A Slackline Film , run time 34 min, (YouTube) The Terrifying art of Free Solo Slacklining UNTETHERED - Full Documentary , run time 30 min, (YouTube)

  • MTB | never_give_up

    Expedition/Big lines Riding the Tatshenshini , run time 43 min (Red Bull) Free riding/manmade structures Motive , run time 30 min (Red Bull) ​ Not classified ​ Follow the Fraser , run time 45 min (Red Bull) Builder , run time 49 min (Red Bull) Reverence , run time 1h (Red Bull) ​

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