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    • Trick #42: Audiobook

      Instead of waist your time while waiting for the handicap bus, appointment, etc... Listen to audio books on MP3!

    • Trick #27: Kitchen garbage bin

      You don't have a lot of garbage? Get anyway a regular size garbage bin with a lid. Put your smaller size bin inside.

    • Trick #1: Cereal container I can poor a bran new box of cereal but couldn't not, definitely, a box half way full. This trick is a morning saver and dispite the frustration, I save lot of cereal. Otherwise, there is lot of cereal on the floor! #Handicappedstrokedisablehomeclimbingtric

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    • Speedriding | never_give_up

      , run time 1 min (Red Bull) Valentin Delluc speedrides while chased by a drone , run time 2 min (Red Bull) Valentin Delluc's Moonline , run time 1 min (Red bull) Watch this speedrider fly over an avalanche , run time 11 min (YouTube) Alaska Speed Riding with Red Bull Air Force | Miles Above 3.0 , run time 3 min (YouTube) Epic Speedriding Through Steep Canyons and Small Towns In the Alps , run time 7 min (YouTube) Speedriding Mont Blanc (4809m) , run time 11 min (YouTube) Canadian Speedriding | Miles Above: S2E7 ​

    • Climbing | never_give_up

      Big wall /Alpine ​ , run time 10 min (Red Bull) Blood on the Crack , run time 1h39 min (Red Bull) Cerro Torre , run time 35 min (Red Bull) Lunag Ri 2nd Attempt , run time 1h38 min (Red Bull) Roraima , run time 48 min (YouTube) Brazilian Line - A new route big wall climbing ​ ​ ​ Sport climbing ​ La Dura Complete, run time 20 min (YouTube) ​ Ice climbing ​ ​ Bouldering ​ (retro), Rampage run time 1h17 (YouTube) The real thing (retro), run time 53m (YouTube) ​ Alpine/snow climbing

    • Wingsuit Flying | never_give_up

      , run time 1 min (Red Bull) Red Bull Skydive Team – POV Obergurgl , run time 52 min (Red Bull) Wingmen , run time 24 min (Red Bull) Jokke Sommer Documentary

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