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  • Trick #50: Speaker phone

    Reroute automatic answer to your speaker phone and you will never miss a call. Especially, if you keep the phone always on your lap (see trick #39).

  • Trick #49: Keep a contour sheet in your bed

    Sometime, your blanket is to warm to be able to sleep. Keep a contour sheet in your bed ready at any time. To warm? Take the contour sheet and get your feet and shoulder stuck in the elastic. even if you move during the night, the sheet will always cover you from shoulders to feet. Is also a quick setup even in the dark.

  • Trick #48: Nails

    Buy 400 sandpaper. Get a piece of plywood in the scrap wood of store or your own. Glue the sandpaper on plywood. Put a rag on top of table. Clamp down the end with no sandpaper. Keep always on table and you grind them when you need. I guarantee you won't have nails to long ever again.

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  • Music | never_give_up

    I'm a massive fan of music! I listened to at least 10 to 14 hours a day of music. 2 to 5 hours as my primary activity. I am mostly listening to my playlist. I hate watching TV. I like to lay in my bed, the music loud, and I'm daydreaming at the same time. I share my playlist because I believe it is one of a kind. It is the perfect playlist during dinner with friends or simply relaxing and taking the world. It is mostly full of folk/easy listening/unplugged, style kind of The Lumineers and Jack Johnson. I bet you never heard of most of the artists. Members of Amazon Prime can enjoy it. Subscribe to Amazon Music if you are a Prime member and download the playlist by selecting the logo. If you are not a member... well you have a good reason to become one. It's that good! The Stingray channel is a bonus; it is such a good channel. ​ 167 songs 10:50 (hours: minutes) Recommended: Listening with the shuffle. ​ ​ ​ PS: Email me if the link is expired at

  • Blog | never_give_up

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