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Big mountains, powder and freestyle

Attack of La Nina, run time 1h14 (YouTube)
Drop Everything, run time 57 min (Red Bull)
Days Of My Youth, run time 1h02 (Red Bull)
CLAIM, run time 1h14 (YouTube)
Warren Miller’s Higher Ground (2005), run time 1h38 (YouTube)

Warren Miller's Chasing Shadows (2015), run time 1h40 (YouTube)
Warren Miller's No Turning Back (2014), run time 1h38 (YouTube)
Paradise Waits, run time 1h08 (YouTube)
Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run
, run time 10 min (YouTube)

Big mountains, powder and freestyle (serious)

Passenger, run time 1h03 (Red Bull)
Few Words – A Candide Thovex Film, run time 59min (YouTube)
This is Home, run time 47min (YouTube)
Afterglow, run time 11 min (Outside TV)


Shredtopia, run time 44 min (YouTube)
Torstein Horgmo – Horgasm: A Love Story, run time 35min (YouTube)

Higher, run time 1h40 (YouTube)
That's It  That's All,   run   time   1h03 min   (YouTube)


The Edge of Impossible with Tony Schmiesing, run time 14 min (YouTube)
Very serious – ski racing
Streif: One Hell of a Ride, run time 1h55 (Red Bull)

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