I'm done wasting my time and effort! I took for 12 years the biggest dose of Methylphenidate. Clearly way too much! I developed a very scandalous side effect! I did not want to go this way at all, but everybody is working against me! We are talking about all my life, sorry, but if I need to pick a side, I choose mine because I don't care about big pharmaceutics companies. In fact, they can all go to hell!

I have a book finished but not published. They started to work on it in January 2020. I begin to believe that they always pushed the publication date on purpose. I tried five times to get on the news, but they are boycotting me. I contacted Greenpeace, but they are not answering. I asked my drug store, who is producing Methylphenidate? They don't want to tell me. All of my initiatives are blocked!

You want to know what is so scandalous that the system is trying to hide me? It's so apparent, so insane, that I'm not scared to expose it! I'm ridiculously smart! Some doubt? https://www.habits4planet.com/blog

I want, please, everyone who sees this post to put it on their wall? Shame on the system to try to hide me. I warned you that I wouldn't lose at that game! Everything would be much easier if the system had given me my right to speak; now, they have a way bigger problem to deal with. I did not write my book in the last eight years to end up nowhere!

Maybe untested, but I think my environment idea is also the cure of COVID-19. I had the virus for 12 hours. The only thing that is affected is my weak point; my eyes! My lungs infection four years ago was way, way more severe than this fragile virus!


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Disabilities can do great things

***SOLVED!!!*** Holley smoke, I know exactly what is going on! All my life, I was probably, the worse case of ADD not diagnose. That explains my almost supernatural qualities in my past and present life. I discovered all those alternative ways of living because I was extremely focused. Maybe, the way to get there was a problem by itself, but the end result is for anyone to take advantage! I'm far from crazy but a super advanced form of chemical genius!